How can a candle change the way we feel?

People often ask us how is it possible that a candle can have such a great influence on how we feel?. It is an unknown fact by many, but it is one that is exactly that its fact.


Put simply the fragrances we smell trigger the area in our brain that relates to our emotions. The scents that we take in everyday have a large impact on how we feel, act and our overall mental health. 

So what fragrance is right for you?

We all have our own personal fragrance preference, but in saying that there are fragrances that are proven to bring on different emotions and feelings.

Fragrance such as our lemongrass & ginger, sweet orange & chili pepper, coconut & lime for example hold a lot of citrus based ingredients. These are proven lift your spirits and boost your energy. A sweet smelling aroma such our Maui and Watermelon Raspberry can also give you an instant felling of happiness & satisfaction

Now if your suffering from heightened anxiety and stress surrounding yourself with frankincense and myrrh fragranced products can help to calm and relieve the unwanted feelings and bring you back to a state of calm and relaxation.

Each scent we chose to surround ourselves with plays a huge part in how we are feeling and in turn the emotions our brain tells us we are experiencing. By making sure we are using fragrances with proven benefits, we are making sure we are well on our way to a positive and healthy mindset.

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