Deluxe soy candles
Deluxe soy candles

Deluxe soy candles

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What's one thing that we can all agree on? A happy memory brings a smile to your face. A memory of a great day spent with either great people or doing something fun and exciting. Here at Laki Ohana that memory takes place on a beach with family and the scents of summer drifting through the air.

Now how can we make that memory last, what can we do as a daily ritual to bring those memories to life. Its simple… Light a candle. With a direct link to the emotions we feel, our sense of smell is the best way to bring back those happy memories.

Every candle comes in a beautiful transparent white vessel with our signature wooden wick and all natural timber lid, our 400g candle has an approximate burn time of 80+/- hours.

Why choose wooden wicks?

Say goodbye to sooty residue and hello to a clean burning candle. Why? Because wooden wicks don't “mushroom” they leave less carbon, soot, and debris build up. The wood wicks burn longer and slower than a cotton wick but still provide more natural light. You will also get more fragrance throw as the wick burns inside the wax pool not on top of the wax like cotton wicks. Not to mention the soft crackling sound you will get from your wood wick candle, just like an open flame fire. Wood wicks are proven to be the best wicks to burn in your candle. Get yours today and experience the amazing sound, smell and look of a burning wood wick candle.

All our candles come with 100% tropical satisfaction. Hand poured on Sydney's Northern Beaches with summer sunrises in mind.